Krueger Systems, Inc. is devoted to the creation of computer software
of the highest quality and utility. We specialize in domain-specific software construction
and testing for businesses, and scientific research
(computer science, electrical engineering, physics, and biology). Our areas of expertise
include Control System Theory, Software Development, and Software Test

We utilize the best practices and hire the best individuals to consistently meet
customer goals and to set the highest standards of craftsmanship in the industry.
You will not find a group of individuals more capable or passionately devoted to
their trade anywhere else.

It is the goal of Krueger Systems to give businesses a large return on their investment
in computer systems. We accomplish this by creating software and providing services
that enable these businesses to achieve their own goals and aspirations. We wish
to make full use of technology to do this. It is our contention that computer systems
are not being used to their fullest capacity, and, subsequently, businesses are
not receiving all of the benefits of their investment. We aim to change this.